How can I reach financial freedom?

Identify and follow, good financial value systems.

How will I be able to leave a financial legacy?

Determine your passion and purpose, creating outlets for extra income

How can i take my "Learning into Earning" and create financial success

Learn to say NO to unnecessary spending

What can I change in my relationship with money?

Discover the benefits of financial freedom and how it relates to your value system

Why does what I ask for? My financial dream seem to be out of my reach?

Learn 7steps to financial success, make your dreams come true
“relooking life, relooking you”

Weight loss

I want to lose weight?

Knowing what to say NO too and what to say YES too!

How do I control my weight?

Developing  a sense of control, in reaching your weight target goal!

How do I find the right eating plan?

Developing  a relationship with your body and weight loss!

How do I behave differently when eating out?

Realising  your 1 step and achieving milestones and rewards for weight loss

I feel fat and ugly, how do I change this feeling?

Self actualisation  in a enhanced lifestyle, and fitness programme.


How do I resolve anger and find peace?

Learn to access your ‘Inner wisdom’

How do I become more flexible and open minded?

Create new neural pathways.

How does my ‘inner critic’ prevent me from experiencing love?

Enjoy planning and solutions without your ‘Inner Critic’

How do I lose anxiety and gain serenity?

Merge your self concept and self esteem.

How do I attain balance?

Find awareness, balance and fun in the new you.


What can I do differently so I don’t get hurt?

Recognise and evaluate your own value systems.

How can I, make someone change?

Learn to use a ‘just me’ self love philosophy

How can I bring meaning to my relationship with my family?

Learn to say No. Learn when to say Yes.

How can my relationship with my partner bring me joy?

Redefine boundaries in relationships.

How can I learn to trust myself in my relationship with others?

Recognise self esteem issues that hold you back.


How can I reach Inner-peace and feel secure?

Stand in your own Truth.

How can my needs be met?

Embrace guidelines that honour your value systems

What is my Life Purpose?

To self-actualise and being who you are intended to be

Is something holding me back?

What beliefs and limitations do you need to let go of.

What changes in my life do I need to make?

Learn 3 simple steps to listen to the wisdom of your heart.