Step 1
Re:sponsibility for the Discord

Shine a light on the actions that took you away from harmony with you.
Accept that you took those actions, but don’t allow your mind to distract you with reasons or excuses. They were the right actions for you at the time, but they no longer serve you.
Be grateful for them and release them.

Step 2
Re:cognition of Who You Really Are

You are not your mind, but the operator of your mind. You observe your thoughts and decide how to programme your powerful brain. At some point, you have handed over control to your mind. You are now allowing your mind to decide what you think, and, therefore, how you feel. Would you let your feet decide where you walk today? Are you ready to take your power back?

Step 3
Release the Feelings

Feelings are not thoughts. Feelings are stored in the body. If they are not felt and released, they will continue to manifest as emotional or physical suffering until they are dealt with. Instinctively, we hang on to feelings, and yet it is the resistance to releasing them that causes the suffering. Feelings stored for decades can be acknowledged and released in minutes.

Step 4
Re:set the Programming of the Past

We cannot change the past, and yet we try, allowing the mind to replay past actions and attempt to re-write what happened. We torture ourselves with regret, and yet regret is pointless. What if you have never made a mistake in your life-ever? There is no ‘what if?’ You have never made a mistake because you took the best decision you could, based on the evidence available to you at that time. How liberating does that feel?