Who is Jenny?

“There are two primary choices in life:
to accept conditions as they exist,
or accept the responsibility to effect change.”

Jenny Schmal is an Inner Life Skills (ILS) Change and Personal Transformation Coach.

Master ILS Coach

She assists and facilitates individuals as well as small and large groups in questioning and reframing their current belief systems and redefining them to be consistent with their highest personal vision.  Her strength is the ability to connect with her clients/audience with integrity and authenticity. Jenny believes in a hands-on approach, which guarantees a heart to heart investment in every client and their potential. She offers sustainable growth, support and training in personal transformation.

Jenny has attained certification and experience in a broad range of wellness modalities, including mind-scape and family constellation work . She has studied and trained locally as well as internationally. She has worked closely with other transformational experts including Dr John Demartini, Baruch Banai and Colleen-Joy Page. She is currently a licensed trainer for ILS international and offers various workshops annually.

Jenny’s expertise ranges from health and wellness, relationships, emotional, financial as well as spiritual/purpose coaching. She is an admired and respected business woman, mentor and motivational speaker.

“At the core of every individual is limitless Joy, a natural celebration of life. This is what I share with those willing to choose it.” – Jenny Schmal 

Jenny is available for private coaching, corporate events and can be booked as a motivational speaker.

In the space of two years, two personal Life-Changing events took place in my life – I was faced with a deeply pressing need to fulfill my personal purpose. My experience has provided me with a rich foundation to add Life Coaching skills to my Life’s Toolkit.

The ability to accept responsibility to effect change became my guiding belief and I enjoy supporting others experiencing Life-Changing events, positive and unanticipated.


  • Certified ILS Life Coach & Change Coach
  • Certified ILS Trainer
  • Certified Demartini Method Facilitator
  • Training in Emotional, Psychological, Spiritual and Life Coaching
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Public Speaking