Xmas arrived early!

Over a unexpected invite to a cup of coffee yesterday I realised that when you least expect life to shower you with blessings , a synchronistic meeting brings a flood of memories so beautiful and forgotten they bring laughter and Tears of Joy

When the least unlikely person reappears to share their life with you and takes you down life’s memory lane of happenings you had clearly forgotten , this is a joyous moment and gift from the grand organised design of life.

Such synchronistic moments occur  out of nowhere , not planned, not pre decided upon simply a chance meeting to brighten your existence and bring reflection and beauty to an otherwise ordinary day.

Perhaps these chance meetings are not by chance at all,  maybe life invites our presence to a meeting on our behalf to bring us together to have an opportunity to grace each other with stories of times gone by and the effect we had on each other at that time

Catching up in conversation and gestures, sharing a meal , laughter and enjoying the simple pleasure of being in the presence of a friend, a treasured  

 pleasure indeed!