What is your story !

 What in your story will change in 2016?

What are you looking forward to?

What are you leaving behind!

Which story will you tell in 2016 ?

As the new year approaches we bring to our awareness the opportunity to bring about change in our lives in the upcoming year  of 2016

We decide on what did not work for us in this current year and the life situations and obstacles we found challenging , that perhaps did not meet our expectations in the year that’s coming to a close

We look at where we find ourselves in a few areas of our life  spiritual, financial, health, relationships, emotional, social, business and many other areas of importance to us , as we complete another year of our existence 

We consider that a change will bring a fresh outlook and new beginnings, great love, health , wealth and prosperity ,and many other dreams goals , aspirations ,or wishful thinking

We write down a few resolutions to bring about change and steadfastly believe that just making a note of what the changes are they will become our reality

What if it’s much simple than that!!

What if we rewrite this years story from a different perceptual space, a story of what the gift of this year was even including the trials and tribulations including burdens and perhaps sadness that accompanied our year 

When we  look at the gifts we received by living this year with everything life presented us we are able to re:look , having a  more mindful approach of being the observer , rewriting our story from a different angle , the approach of acceptance and gratitude

My story .. 2015 

Being alive for another year has been a gift that brought  with it a chance to live one more year on a the planet filled with life experiences in which I found both sadness and joy , laughter and tears, ups and downs , and the story includes many personal and private episodes , which have been a source of personal  growth .

What I am extremely grateful for and enjoyed most  was the opportunity to be part of the game of life one more time and play my part in this awesome experience of being Alive!

I look forward to ringing in 2016 with a simple prayer” Thankyou for the gift of Life”

What’s your story?